Our next door neighbour

Il Monte San Salvatore


"You must have personally been up here if you want to have an idea of its grandiosity and magnificence, and only then will this moment become one of the most beautiful and unforgettable ones of your life".
C. c. Lorenz Hirschfeld, German landscape philosopher 18° sec.

Mount San Salvatore (912 m above see level) stands out majestically in the Lugano skyline and offers an outstanding view of the Ceresio lake, the plain of Lombardy and of the magnificent chain of the Swiss and Savoy Alps. The roof of the church is an outlook point offering you a 360° view.

Letting your gaze rest on infinite horizons, sipping a glass of excellent wine, watching your children having fun at the play ground … Mount San Salvatore offers you a moment to relax and rest, at just stone’s throw from the frenetic pace of the city.